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1989 – 2017

William W. Walker, Jr., Ph D.


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Monitoring & Compliance

Spatial Displays of South Florida Water Quality Data.   Summary for Water Years 2008-2017.  Google Earth Interface.  March 2017.

Exploratory Analysis of Everglades Flow & Phosphorus Dynamics.   Library of Time Series & Diagnostic Charts of Data Linked to Google Earth, September 2014.

Trends in Total Phosphorus Concentration and Flow at Monitoring Sites Within and Upstream of Everglades National Park.  September 2014.

Development of Long-Term Phosphorus Limits for Shark River Slough Inflows.   TOC Appendix A Workgroup.  December 2013.

Comments on Compliance Determination for Shark River Slough in Water Year 2012.  May 2013

Technical Support for USEPA Amended Determination . Attachments:   Water Quality Based Effluent Limits    Phosphorus Control Alternatives   September 2010.

Maximum Annual Discharge Limits to Achieve Compliance with the Consent Decree's Water Quality Requirements - Summary of Exhibits and Issues, TOC Presentation,  March 2011.

Comments on the Compliance Report for Shark River Slough Inflow Phosphorus Limits in Water Year 2008., June 2009.

Analysis of June 2009 Exceedance of Refuge Long-Term Phosphorus Levels,  TOC Presentation,  August 2009.

Methodology for Testing Compliance with Consent Decree Load Reduction Requirements,  TOC PresentationReport,  June 2007.

Comparison of Methods for Tracking Marsh Phosphorus Concentrations in Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge Under the Consent Decree,  TOC PresentationReport,  December 2006.

Estimation of Water Quality Based Effluent Limits for Compliance with the Everglades Phosphorus Criterion,  November 2005.

Evaluation of 4-Part Test for Compliance with Everglades Phosphorus Criterion, January 2005.

Analysis of Refuge Interim P Level Excursions - September 2003 & August 2004, TOC Presentation, November 2004.

Investigation of Sampling Methodologies for Monitoring Water Quality at Inflows to Everglades National Park, August 2004.

Compliance of Refuge Marsh Phosphorus Concentrations with Interim Levels Required under the Consent Decree, with R. KadlecTOC Presentation, June 2003;  Detailed Report, July 2003.

Evaluation of Proposed Methodology for Measuring Marsh Compliance with the Everglades Phosphorus Criterion.  August 2002.

Monitoring Compliance with the Everglades Marsh Phosphorus Criterion, presented at FDEP Workshop, October 2001.

Interim Phosphorus Standards for the Everglades, in G. Gibson et al., Nutrient Criteria Technical Guidance Manual, Lakes & Reservoirs, Appendix B, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Water, EPA-822-B000-001, April 2000.

Preliminary Evaluation of Proposed Methodology for Determining Compliance with the Everglades Phosphorus Criterion in WCA2A, September 1999.

Everglades Monitoring Report, Water Quality Monitoring Results Pertinent to the State/Federal Consent Decree, January 1999.

Test for Evaluating Performance of Stormwater Treatment Areas,  Basis for Compliance Tests for 50-ppb STA Discharge Permits & Compliance Tests for Consent Decree Load-Reduction Requirements, January 1996.

Data Analysis

Spatial Displays of Refuge Data to Support Design of DOI Enhanced Monitoring Program, March 2004.

Analysis of Recent Phosphorus Data from Shark River Slough Inflows to Everglades National Park,  presented to Everglades Technical Oversight Committee, July 2002.

Analysis of Water Quality Data from ARM Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge.  Marsh, Inflow, & Atmospheric Deposition Data collected by USFWS;  Comparisons with SFWMD Results. October 1999.

Analysis of Phosphorus Data from Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge.  Temporal Patterns in SFWMD Data from 14 Marsh Stations, 1994-1998.  Sampling Variability in Relation to Water Column Depth.  March 1999.

Analysis of Everglades Round Robin Results, Rounds 2-8.  October 1999.   Split-Sample Study of Phosphorus Measurements from Various South Florida Labs, Run by Florida DEP.

Phosphorus Data from "Unimpacted" Region of WCA-2A.  Various Tables & Maps.  September 1999.

Long-Term Water Quality Trends in the Everglades,  in Reddy et al, Phosphorus Biogeochemistry in Subtropical Environments, Lewis Publishers, 1999.  Presentation at "Symposium on Phosphorus Biogeochemistry in Florida Ecosystems", Clearwater, Florida, July 1997.  

Water Quality Trends at Inflows to Everglades National Park, Water Resources Bulletin, 1991.

Wetland and Stormwater Treatment Area Modeling

Designing STAs to Achieve Treatment and Restoration Objectives, prepared for Committee on Independent Scientific Review of Everglades Restoration Progress,  Meeting #23,   May 2011.

Modeling Phosphorus Dynamics in Everglades Wetlands and Stormwater Treatment Areas, Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology, Vol. 41 (S1). pp 430-446. 2011 (with R. Kadlec).

Modeling Phosphorus Dynamics in Everglades Wetlands and Stormwater Treatment Areas, presented at GEER 2008: Greater Everglades Ecosystem Restoration Conference, Naples, Florida, July 2008 (with R. Kadlec).

Development of a Dynamic Model for Everglades Stormwater Treatment Areas (DMSTA). Version 2, 2008.

DMSTA Calibration & Enhancement for Reservoirs, July 2005.

DMSTA Applications to Marsh Impact & Recovery Forecasting under Florida's Long-Term Plan ,  March 2005.

Everglades Phosphorus Gradient Model, August 2004.

Dynamic STA Design Model -  Design Model Structure for Treatment Wetland Systems at Low Phosphorus Concentrations for Everglades Protection, presented by R. Kadlec at the Joint Conference on the Science and Restoration of the Greater Everglades and Florida Bay Ecosystem, Palm Harbor, Florida, April 2003

Phosphorus Balance Models for Everglades Applications, CESI /CERP Modeling Workshop,  March  2002.

Management Models to Evaluate Phosphorus Impacts on Wetlands, with R.H. Kadlec, in Reddy et al, Phosphorus Biogeochemistry in Subtropical Environments, Lewis Publishers, 1999.  "Symposium on Phosphorus Biogeochemistry in Florida Ecosystems", Clearwater, Florida, July 1997.  

A Model for Simulating Phosphorus Concentrations in Waters and Soils Downstream of Everglades Stormwater Treatment Areas, EPGM, August 13, 1996    Part 1  Part 2.

Design Basis for Everglades Stormwater Treatment Areas, Water Resources Bulletin, 1995.

Treatment Technology Evaluation & Design

Compilation & Analysis of Data from Everglades Stormwater Treatment Areas,  September 2014.

Evaluation of Alternatives to Achieve Phosphorus WQBELs in Discharges to the Everglades Protection Area, Technical Support for USEPA Amended Determination,  September 2010.

Preliminary Evaluation of STA Expansion to Achieve Treatment Objectives for Inflows to Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge,  September 2007.

Updated Schematic of Phosphorus Load Controls for the Refuge, November 2004.

Summary of STA-1W Operation Data For September 2004 Hurricane Period, November 2004.

Technology Review of Periphyton Stormwater Treatment,   November 2003.

Suggestions for Design of PSTA & SAV Experiments.  December 1999.

Water & Mass Balance Calculations - Everglades Nutrient Removal Project, March 1999.

Stormwater Treatment Area & Reservoir Performance Measures for Everglades Restudy, July 1998.

Regional Planning / CERP

Simulating Impacts of CEPP Alternatives on ENP Shark River Slough Inflow P Concentrations,  March 2013.

Designing STAs to Achieve Treatment and Restoration Objectives,  Briefing Information Prepared for National Research Council, Committee on Independent Scientific Review of Everglades Restoration Progress, May 2011.

STA Performance Modeling.   National Research Council / CISRERP Meeting,  June 2009.

Regional Phosphorus Budgets.   National Research Council / CISRERP Meeting, June 2009.

Responses to NRC Follow-Up Questions on Mass Balances and STAs,   November 2009.

Phosphorus Mass-Balance Modeling Approaches for CERPSchematic.   CERP Water Quality Meeting,  March  2003.

STA & Reservoir Performance Measures for the Everglades Restudy, July 1998.

DMSTA Features & Potential CERP Applications, October 2003.

Evaluation of Farm BMP Performance

Software for Tracking Phosphorus Loads from the Everglades Agricultural Area.   Flow-Charts   Basin Workbook   Sample Farm Output,  February 1998.

Water and Phosphorus Balances for EAA and WCA Inflows, Software Documentation, June 1998.

Software for Tracking Phosphorus Loads from the C139 Basin,  April 2001.

Summary of Runoff and Phosphorus Load Data from EAA Basins & Farms, 1993-2008.    GIS Maps    November 2008.

Analysis of Runoff Data from Farms in the EAA/S5A Basin,   January 2010.

SFWMD, EAA & C139 Basin Performance Thru April 2012, South Florida Environmental Report, January 2013.
Summary of Basin Performance     Details on Methodology and Farm Performance.    Regulatory Rule 

Atmospheric Deposition

Atmospheric Deposition in Florida Bay Region,  July 1998.

Atmospheric Deposition of Phosphorus in Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, with S. Jewell, presented at "Atmospheric Deposition into South Florida:  Measuring Net Atmospheric Inputs of Nutrients", South Florida Water Management District, October  1997.

Rainfall Total Phosphorus Concentrations and Loadings in Everglades National Park,  August 1989.

Regional Studies

Preliminary Evaluation of the Potential Water Quality Impacts of Implementing a New Rainfall-Driven Formula for Guiding Flow Deliveries to Shark River Slough, May 2010.

Everglades Restoration Problems, Remedies, Process 1988-2010.  Class Lecture, Environmental Science & Public Policy, Harvard University, April 2010 (with M. Harwell & N. Aumen).

Evaluating Nutrient Enrichment Problems in Lake Okeechobee & the Everglades.  Class Lecture,  Environmental Assessment, Harvard University, November 2009.

An Assessment of the Interim Operations Plan, Water Quality,  NPS, SFNRC Technical Series 2005: 2., 2004.

Water Quality Assessment of the Interim Operations Plan:  Phosphorus Concentrations and Loads,    January 2004.

IOP Workshop Presentation,  ENP SFNRC, December 2003.

Development and Application of a Phosphorus Balance Model for Lake Istokpoga, FloridaLake & Reservoir Mgt, 2003.

Phosphorus TMDL for Lake Okeechobee.   Lake Okeechobee Technical Advisory Committee Meetings.  prepared for Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection & U.S. Department of the Interior.   April 2000     May 3, 2000     May 4, 2000     May 31, 2000   August 2000   Final Report Dec 2000.

Comments on Draft GRR Supplement for the C-111 Basin.  November 2000.

Estimation of Inputs to Florida Bay, July 1998. 

Spatial Variations in Water Quality, Everglades National Park & Florida Bay,  May 1998. 

Water Quality Aspects of the Proposed East Coast Buffer Strip: Evaluation of the C11 Basin, January 1997.

Analysis of Water Quality & Hydrologic Data from the C-111 Basin, October 1997.

Research Support

Everglades Nutrient Threshold Research Plan,  Research & Monitoring Subcommittee, Everglades Technical Oversight Committee, July 1992.

Expert Testimony

Remedy Hearings on Consent Decree Compliance Issues.   Initial Testimony   Rebuttal,    January 2011.

Liability Hearings on Consent Decree Compliance Issues.  Initial Testimony   Rebuttal,   October 2010.

Expert Report Concerning Exceedances of Interim Phosphorus Levels in Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge in 2002 & 2004,  August 2005.

Comments Made Before FDEP/ERC Hearing on Everglades Phosphorus Criterion, January 2003.



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