Water Quality Assessment of the Interim Operations Plan:

Phosphorus Concentrations & Loads

prepared for

U.S. Department of the Interior
Everglades National Park


William W. Walker, Jr, Ph.D.

January 2004

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Detailed Analysis by Site:   


Summary Graphs - All Sites   Flow      TP Load  TP Conc
Yearly Time Series

IOP vs pre-IOP Regressions vs Rainfall
Rainfall-Adjusted Time Series
IOP vs pre-IOP Means


Summary Graphs - All Sites Link  
Percent Changes in Flow, Load, & Conc
Monthly Flows & Concentrations
Yearly Flows & Concentrations

Monthly Load vs. Flow
Yearly Load vs. Flow
Monthly Concentration vs Flow
Flow-Adjusted Conc Time Series
Flow Adjusted Conc vs. Rain
Flow-Adjusted Load Time Series
Flow Adjusted Load vs. Rain


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