P8 Menu Structure
Menu Sub-Menu Description
Read retrieve input file for case  
Save save input case file without changing name
Save As save input case file with new name
Read Default read default case file
New Case clear current input values and start new case
Translate translate DOS version input files
    Case DOS case input files
    Precipitation hourly precipitation (4 formats, including Excel )
    Temperature daily temperature (Excel)
General edit title, file specifications, dates, other general inputs
Devices edit device data
Watersheds edit watershed data
Particles edit particle parameters
WQ Components edit water quality component parameters
ET & Snowmelt edit evapotranspiration & snowmelt parameters
Model run simulation without providing hourly output
Model Traced runs simulation while providing hourly output for a specified device
    Daily generate daily time series
    Hourly generate hourly time series
Design Lookup lookup device designs from catalogue
Design Tune rescale device to achieve target removal efficiency
Sensitivity run sensitivity analysis of model input parameters
   Summary summary of input and output values
   Case all case input values
   Particles particle & water quality component parameters
   Network linkage of devices & watersheds
   Stage/Discharge stage/discharge tables for each device
   Precipitation hourly precipitation & daily air temperature data
Explore explore program output interactively (several tabular formats)
Hydraulics flows, elevations, velocities, sedimentation etc, by device
Tributary Areas device watershed areas vs. device dimensions & performance
Mass Balances water & mass balances by device & component
     by Device & Variable separate table for each device & variable
     by Device separate table for each device
     by Variable separate table for each variable
Cross-Tabs summary output by device & variable
   Outflow Concentrations
   Outflow Loads
   Removal Efficiencies
Conc Statistics event-mean concentration statistics & excursion frequencies
Time Series
   Daily Precip air temp, daily & hourly precipitation
   Daily Climate total precip, air temp, snowfall, snowpack, snowmelt, etc
   Event Concs event-mean concs for each device & component
   Event Loads event-mean loads for each device & component
   Traced Precip hourly precip, snowfall, snowmelt, evapotransp, air temp.  for traced run
   Traced Inflows hourly inflow volumes, loads, concs,  etc. for traced device
   Traced Outflows hourly outflow volumes, loads, concs,  etc. for traced device
Charts plot results from traced simulations (daily or hourly time step)
Restrict Output restrict program output to specified devices, variables, mass-balance terms
Output Format direct tabular output to excel worksheet, text box, or windows notepad
Contents local help file - table of contents
Search local help file - search
Web Site access P8 support web site
About program information
Quit end program