Phosphorus Balance Models Developed and/or Applied to Various Projects William W. Walker, Jr., Ph. D.
Several reports are posted at:
Time Dataset Dynamic State Variables in P Cycle
Lake or Reservoir Components Region Client Project Yr Links Water Body Type Step Years Spatial Volume Water *** Biota Sediment
Upper Klamath Lake P TMDL Oregon Oregon DEP, USBR 2000- X X Shallow Lake Day 17 1 x x x x x
Lake Okeechobee P TMDL Florida Florida DEP 2000 X X X Shallow Lake Month 27 1 x x x x x
Spavinaw/Eucha Reserv Nutrients Oklahoma Tulsa Water Supply 2002 X Stratifed Reserv. Day 4 2 x x  x x
Jennings Bay, Lk Minnetonka Nutrients Minnesota Watershed District 2002 X Lake Bay Day 23 1 x x x
Platte Lake Nutrients Michigan Michigan DNR 1998 X Lake Month 7 1 x x
DMSTA - Reservoirs  Nutrients Florida US Dept of Interior, USACE 2005 X Shallow Lakes Day 3 - 25 1-12 x x x
Dynamic Model for Storwater Treatment Areas (DMSTA) Nutrients Florida US Dept of Interior 2005 X Wetlands  (Natural & Constructed) Day  3 - 25 1-12 x x x
Everglades P Gradient Model (EPGM) Nutrients Florida US Dept of Interior 1996 X Wetlands Year 28 Transect x x
Coupled DMSTA/EPGM Nutrients Florida US Dept of Interior 2009 X Wetlands Day 28 Transect x x x
Sauk Chain of Lakes * P TMDL Minnesota Sauk R. Watershed Dist 2009 X Shallow & Deep Lakes Year 29 15 x x
Lake Istokpoga P TMDL Florida S. Florida Water Mgt Dist 2002 X Shallow Lake Day 14 2 x x
Little Rock Lake * P TMDL Minnesota Benton County SWCD 2010-2011 Shallow Lake Day 3 3 x x x
Lake Champlain Support TMDL Vt/NY/Can Vermont AEC 1995 X Lake Year 3
Lake Champlain Bays ** 1986-1988 x
Hawkins / Town Farm Nutrients Vermont Buildings "" Lake Bays Day Varies Grid x
Burlington Nutrients Vermont AEC "" "" "" "" "" x
Boquet Lamprices Vermont Buildings "" "" "" "" "" x
Willsboro Nutrients, Bacteria Marina Developer "" "" "" "" "" x
Lake Pepin * Nutrients Minnesota 1995 X Shallow Lake Year 9 1 x
Agency Lake Nutrients Oregon US Bureau of Rec. 1995 X Shallow Lake Year 3 1 x x
BATHTUB Model Nutrients US U.S. Army Corps 2006 X Reserv, Lake, Bay Year Varies 1-20 x
Onondaga Lake Nutrients New York Onondaga County 2009 X Lake Year 23 1 x
Vadnais Lakes Nutrients Minnesota St. Paul Water Utility 1990 X X Lakes & Subwatersheds Year 7 19 x
Mille Lacs Lake Nutrients Minnesota SEH / Minn Highways 2001 X Lake & Subwatersheds Year 7 39 x
Minnesota Lakes - Statewide Nutrients Minnesota Minnesota PCA 1985 X X Lakes Year 1-3 85 x
Wisconsin Lakes - Statewide Nutrients Wisconsin Wisconsin DNR 1985 X Lakes Year Varies ~50 x
Itasca County Lakes Nutrients Minnesota Minnesota DNR 2003 X Lakes Year Varies ~40 x
Petenwell Reserv Nutrients Wisconsin U. Wisconsin 1999 X Shallow Res. Year 2 6
Illinois River Basin Nutrients Arkansas / Oklahoma Oklahoma Attorney General 1987 Reservoirs & Subwatersheds Year 10 12 x
Lake Chamberlain Nutrients Connecticut New Haven Water Co. 1980 Reservoir Year 3 1 x
Salton Sea Nutrients, Salinity California Salton Sea Authority 2006 X Shallow Res. Year 2 x
Time Step = Year indicates Steady-State Mass Balance, Yearly or Seasonal Snapshots, With our Without Explicit Internal Recycling Term; generally coupled with regressions for tropic response variables (chl-a, secchi,..)
* Supporting Sediment Data from USAE EauGalle Research Lab
** Lake Champlain bay models coupledwith detailed hydrodynamic models (JP Liable, UVM) 
***  x = water column upper  mixed layer only,  x x = mixed layer & hypolimnion (stratified lakes or reservoirs)