Middlesex School Development in Historic Estabrook Woods
Concord, Massachusetts

General Sherman has Arrived.  June 27, 2005. 

Tennis Court Evolution  - Courts on campus converted to parking lots than moved to woods.  A good idea?

Potential Health Risks Associated with Artifical Turf.  Made from recycled tires. Problems associated with drainage & wildlife habitat. Water quality risks unknown.  Is it a good idea for the Students either?  An M.D. from Marin County, CA presents evidence of health impacts that later led to choice of natural over artificial turf for a school project.   July 6, 2005.

Technical Comments On November 2004 Drainage Plan,  Submitted to Mass DEP, March 2005. 

Letter to Middlesex Board of Trustees, June 2001.

More Information on Estabrook Woods

Other Concerns About Potential Impacts of This Development

Aerial Photos & GIS Maps

Jeff Walker, Middlesex  '2001

Prepared in ArcView from Site Plan & data from MassGIS

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Proposed Development

Construction Plan

Regional View

10-Ft Contours

Wetlands  & National Heritage Endangered Species Program Core Habitat

Former Residents


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