Phosphorus & Vegetation Gradient in WCA-2A South of S10 Inflow Structures
Slides from SFWMD Presentation to FDEP P Criterion Workshop, Sept 2001
Zones Modeled in DMSTA: Mean Distance from 
Distance South of Levee (km) Transect Sites Levee (km)
0 - 4 Emergent E2, E3, F2 4.5
4 - 8 Emergent ---> Open Water E4, F4, F3 7.4
8 - 12 Open Water E5, U3 , F5 10.4
Inflows are the combined inflow through S10 A, C & D See Walker (1995)
DMSTA coordinates are distance south of the levee
These differ slightly from SFWMD's distance from inflow structure.
Soil P Contours (0-10 cm), FDEP