Everglades Phosphorus Gradient Model
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U.S. Department of Interior
W. Walker  &  R. Kadlec
October 1997
Excel Version  -  September 1, 2004
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    Case: 11   S10s   NE 2A   Z=10 CM  
Distance Displayed 12 output displays results for this distance  
Year Displayed 30 output displays results for this time (years)  
Maximum Years 200 maximum number of years simulated <= 200 years
Maximum Distance 15 maximum distance plotted <= 15 km  
Navigate via the menu screen or EPGM toolbar at top of screen    
Select case from left box        
Click 'Load Case' to start selected case or modify input values    
Click 'Run Case' to run simulation        
Select output sheet from left box        
Click 'View Sheet'          
To create a new case:        
   Copy new columns to right of existing table on 'Inputs' sheet and edit    
   Assign new case number in increasing order      
Computations are performed in spatial increments of 0.1 km and time increments of 1 year  
Output is displayed for time and depth intervals specified on the menu sheet  
To Return to Menu: Press Ctrl-m or Click 'EPGM Menu' Button on the Toobar  
User Input Cells are Red        
EPGM Toolbar at the top of the screen can be used for navigation     
Toolbar Functions          
EPGM Menu moves to 'Menu' sheet      
Edit Inputs moves to 'Inputs' sheet      
Run loads currently selected case & runs model    
Output Summary moves to 'Results' sheet      
Upstream increases output distance by 0.1 km (affects results on graphs_site sheet)
Downstream decreases output distance by 0.1 km (affects results graphs_site sheet)
Restart restarts simulation (sets output time to 0 years)    
Next Year moves output time forward by 1 year    
Previous Year moves output time back by 1 year    
Animate cycles through each year in sequence; press 'Esc' to stop  
If the Toolbar remains after closing EPGM, right click on it and uncheck the EPGM box.